Our Patroness


St. Therese

Born in Alencon, in France, on Thursday 2nd January 1873 blossomed in Lisieux, St. Little Flower is known as ‘the greatest Saint of the modern times’. She is the patroness of Little Flower Convent School. The School is dedicated to St. Therese. She is a model for children and youth. St. Little Flower is our Source of inspiration. The school believes in the heavenly intersection in its conductivities.

Little Way of St. Therese

  1. Awareness of the Merciful love of the God.
  2. Continuous search for God.
  3. God’s Fidelity to His Promise.
  4. Transitory Nature of Earthly Life.
  5. Absolute Trust in the Lord as a Little Child.
  6. Humility, Confidence, Love

“I rejoice to be little because only children and those who are like them will be admitted to the heavenly banquet”.
“I want to spend my heaven doing good on earth till the end of the world. Only then will I enjoy it and take my rest”.

Trusting in the promise of St. Therese let us pray “Little Flower, Show Thy Power at this Hour”.