Our Team


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Little Flower Educational & Charitable Trust is a registered trust with Register No.100/04/2000 of Changanacherry Sub Registry.The educational activities of the above a said Little Flower Generalate are under the management of Little Flower Educational & Charitable Trust. Little Flower Convent School is under the said Trust. Missionaries of Little Flower engaged from its inception in 1956in educational and charitable activities.
As per the constitution of the trust the following persons have constituted as Board of Trustees

  • Sr.Anila George
  • Sr.Renciline
  • Sr.Merline
  • Sr.Jasmine
  • Sr.Rosmi
  • Sr.Amala
  • Sr.Sharon

Governing Body

  1. Little Flower Convent School is a school established by the above mentioned Trust under the State Scheme.
  2. The administration and management of the school is conducted by the School Governing Body in collaboration with the Board of Trustees.
  3. The School Governing Body has been constituted as per the norms and guidelines of the Board.

Our Sister Concern

Little Flower Vidya Vihar (ICSE)